After showing you some of the top attractions in the historic city of Fredericksburg, I want to tell you about some of the great places to eat. You’re going to like the unique establishments that are there. I’m going to show you four of the top places for dining out. Here are those restaurants you might want to stop by in Fredericksburg VA.

First up is Opa’s Smoked Meat. This place to eat is located at 410 South Washington Street. Enjoy some of the best sandwiches, summer sausage and other smoked meats. This would be a really neat place to try. Stop by and grab some delicious food if you are thinking about a great place for lunch. The potato salad makes the menu highlights, too.

Let’s keep the smoked theme going with this net pick. The place is called Jennie’s Smoked Burgers, and it’s located at East Main Street. Enjoy a smoked cheeseburger, smoked brisket, kettle chips, lettuce wraps and more. Wow, this place sounds really cool, too. And the reviews say that Jennie’s Smoked Burgers actually has quite a simple menu.

This next restaurant is a general store and cafe. It’s called Alamo Springs General Store & Cafe. The location is 107 Alamo Road, and fried avocado makes the menu favorites. You can also order up hamburgers, onion rings, wings and more. It’s a great place to stop by if you are over near the area of the Old Tunnel State Park. One unique aspect of this place, too, is that it offers a self-service beer station that works off the honor system.

Peach Tree Restaurant & Gifts is the next place, and it’s located at 210 South Adams Street. How does ice cream pie sound? That sounds scrumptious! Other menu highlights include turkey burgers, avocado soup and prime rib. People say that Peach Tree Restaurant is an excellent choice for lunch. They sell loaves of bread, too.

Those are some of the most unique restaurants, don’t you think? I tried to hand-pick carefully because I saw right away that there were some true gems. Opa’s Smoked Meats is actually #1 in Fredericksburg right now, so that’s what tipped me off. You’re going to eat really good if you pick one of the places I’ve mentioned to stop by for a meal. Considering how good each one of them are, maybe you will just decide to work your way down the list.